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Radiology Center in Delhi

Radiology, also called diagnostic imaging, is a series of different tests that take pictures or images of various parts of the body. Many of these tests are unique in that they allow doctors to see inside the body. A number of different imaging exams can be used to provide this view, including X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT scan.

Radiology is essential to the diagnosis of many diseases, particularly cancer. Early diagnosis saves lives. Without diagnosis there can be no treatment, there can be no cure.

Radiology is essential to the diagnosis of many diseases, particularly cancer. Early diagnosis saves live. Without diagnosis there can be no treatment, there can be no cure.

Radiologists interpret a broad spectrum of diagnostic tests including x-rays, ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry, fluoroscopy, mammography, nuclear medicine, CT and MRI.

Best MRI Centre in Delhi

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Most common MRI test

MRI Scan Brain, MRI Scan Brain Contrast, MRI LS Spine, MRI Cervical Spine, MRI Abdomen ,MRI Abdomen Contrast, MRCP Test, MRI Scan of Joints (HIP/ Shoulder/ Knee etc.)MR Angiography

Computed tomography (CT) is a type of imaging. It uses special x-ray equipment to make cross-sectional pictures of your body.

Computed tomography is commonly referred to as a CT scan. A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce images of the inside of the body. It shows detailed images of any part of the body, including the bones, muscles, fat, organs and blood vessels

CT scans are more detailed than standard X-rays. In standard X-rays, a beam of energy is aimed at the body part being studied. A plate behind the body part captures the variations of the energy beam after it passes through skin, bone, muscle and other tissue. While much information can be obtained from a regular X-ray, a lot of detail about internal organs and other structures is not available.

MRI Center in Delhi

CT Scans

In CT, the X-ray beam moves in a circle around the body. This allows many different views of the same organ or structure and provides much greater detail. The X-ray information is sent to a computer that interprets the X-ray data and displays it in two-dimensional form on a monitor. Newer technology and computer software makes three-dimensional images possible.

CT scans may be performed to help diagnose tumors, investigate internal bleeding, or check for other internal injuries or damage.

Most common ct scans

Ct Coronary Angiogram/ Ct Coronary Angiography,Ccta (Coronary Ct Angiogram), Ncct Brain, Ct Scan Brain, Ct Scan Head, Ct Scan Brain Contrast, Cect Head, Cect Brain, Ct Scan Thorax, Ct Scan Chest, Ncct Chest, Ncct Kub, Ct Scan Kub, Ct Scan Pns, Ncct Pns, Ncct Whole Abdomen, Ct Scan Whole Abdomen, Hrct Scan Chest, Hrct Chest, Hrct Thorax


Pulmonary function test/ PFT test At Home

Pulmonary function test at affordable price pft test are carried out to evaluate lungs function and to detect respiratory issues. PFT Test is available at our Centre Welcare diagnostic centre Dwarka Mor and Home visit also available get the lowest cost of pulmonary function test/ Spirometry test in Delhi NCR. Book Pulmonary function today hassle free booking.

Echocardiography Test / 2D ECHO

Echocardiography or 2D echo, is a painless test that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of your heart. The pictures show the size and shape of your heart. They also show how well your heart's chambers and valves are working.

Echo also can pinpoint areas of heart muscle that aren't contracting well because of poor blood flow or injury from a previous heart attack. A type of echo called Doppler ultrasound shows how well blood flows through your heart's chambers and valves.

Echo can detect possible blood clots inside the heart, fluid buildup in the pericardium (the sac around the heart), and problems with the aorta. The aorta is the main artery that carries oxygen-rich blood from your heart to your body.

Doctors also use echo to detect heart problems in infants and children.

Echocardiography is a test that uses sound waves to produce live images of your heart. The image is an echocardiogram. This test allows your doctor to monitor how your heart and its valves are functioning. It is key in determining the health of the heart muscle, especially after a heart attack.

  • Transthoracic echocardiogram
  • Stress echocardiogram
  • Doppler echocardiogram
  • X-rays

    X-rays use invisible electromagnetic energy beams to produce images of internal tissues, bones, and organs on film or digital media. Standard X-rays are performed for many reasons, including diagnosing tumors or bone injuries.

    X-rays are made by using external radiation to produce images of the body, its organs, and other internal structures for diagnostic purposes. X-rays pass through body structures onto specially-treated plates (similar to camera film) or digital media and a "negative" type picture is made (the more solid a structure is, the whiter it appears on the film).

    X-rays Center in Delhi

    When the body undergoes X-rays, different parts of the body allow varying amounts of the X-ray beams to pass through. The soft tissues in the body (such as blood, skin, fat, and muscle) allow most of the X-ray to pass through and appear dark gray on the film or digital media. A bone or a tumor, which is more dense than soft tissue, allows few of the X-rays to pass through and appears white on the X-ray. When a break in a bone has occurred, the X-ray beam passes through the broken area and appears as a dark line in the white bone.

    X-ray technology is used in other types of diagnostic procedures, such as arteriograms, computed tomography (CT) scans, and fluoroscopy.

    How are X-rays performed?

    X-rays can be performed on an outpatient basis, or as part of inpatient care.

    Although each facility may have specific protocols in place, generally, an X-ray procedure follows this process:

    1. The patient will be asked to remove any clothing or jewelry which might interfere with the exposure of the body area to be examined. The patient will be given a gown to wear if clothing must be removed.

    2. The patient is positioned on an X-ray table that carefully positions the part of the body that is to be X-rayed--between the X-ray machine and a cassette containing the X-ray film or specialized image plate. Some examinations may be performed with the patient in a sitting or standing position.

    3. Body parts not being imaged may be covered with a lead apron (shield) to avoid exposure to the X-rays.

    4. The X-ray beam will be aimed at the area to be imaged.

    5. The patient must be very still or the image will be blurred.

    6. The technologist will step behind a protective window and the image is taken.

    7. Depending on the body part under study, various X-rays may be taken at different angles, such as the front and side view during a chest X-ray.

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    Digital X-Rays

    Best Ultrasound in Delhi

    All ultrasound scans are done on 3D/4D Machine and performed by female radiologist.

    Most common ULTRASOUND done at our centre known as Wellcare Diagnostic Center in Delhi NCR.


    An ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to create a picture (also known as a sonogram) of organs, tissues, and other structures inside the body. Unlike x-rays, ultrasounds don’t use any radiation. An ultrasound can also show parts of the body in motion, such as a heart beating or blood flowing through blood vessels.

    There are two main categories of ultrasounds: Pregnancy Ultrasound and Diagnostic Ultrasound.

    Diagnostic ultrasound is used to view and provide information about other internal parts of the body. These include the heart, blood vessels, liver, bladder, kidneys, and female reproductive organs. Doppler Scan

    Other names: sonogram, ultrasonography, pregnancy sonography, fetal ultrasound, obstetric ultrasound, diagnostic medical sonography, diagnostic medical ultrasound

    Other names: sonogram, ultrasonography, pregnancy sonography, fetal ultrasound, obstetric ultrasound, diagnostic medical sonography, diagnostic medical ultrasound

    Ultrasound Follicular Study, Usg Follicular Study, Ultrasound Follicular Study, Sonography Follicular Study, Ultrasound Kub, Usg / Sonography Kubultrasound Kub, Usg Anomaly Scan, Usg Level 2 / Sonography Level 2 Ultrasound Level 2, Sonography Obstetric, Usg Ob, Ultrasound Obstetricsultrasound Pelvis, Sonography Pelvis, Usg Pelvis, Usg Transvaginal, Usg / Sonography Tvs, Ultrasound Tvs, Sonography Whole Abdomen, Usg Whole Abdomen, Ultrasound Whole Abdomen



    A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. It’s a screening tool used to detect breast cancer. Together with regular clinical exams and monthly breast self-examinations, mammograms are a key element in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.


    An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a simple test that can be used to check your heart's rhythm and electrical activity.

    ECG is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. We at WELLCARE DIAGNOSTICS ECG testing at an affordable price to diagnose whether your heart is working normally or not.

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